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Product information This Type 2 to shuko cable adapter can be used with vehicles with a Shuko connector on the car side or for charging anything else with a normal socket ...More information
  • To create a normal (shuko) connection at a public charging point
  • Has a type 2 on the charging station side
  • 1 phase - 16 amps
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How to use?

This cable adapter can be used to charge an electric vehicle with a normal Shuko socket. The adapter can be used to plug the type 2 socket from the charging point through the type 2 plug and to extend the end of the adapter with a normal 230 V cable and connect it to the car.

* To unlock the adapter it is necessary to tell the charging point after charging that the plug can be unlocked. Because this adapter does not support mode 3 communication (there is no communication between the car and the charging point), in some cases (especially with some German Charging Points) it may happen that the adapter cannot be unlocked when charging is complete.

For these cases, another adapter is available with a key switch on the type 2 plug. By turning the switch, the plug will tell the charging point that charging is complete and that the plug needs to be unlocked.

Because it's a key switch and not a normal switch, other people can't just unlock your cable

  • Bag included:No
  • Plug type Car side:Shuko
  • Plug type Charge station side:Type 2
  • Cable Type:Gerade
  • Number of phases:1
  • Amperage:16A
  • Cable Diameter:
  • Length (in meters):0,5m
  • Colour:Black
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