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Wallbox Pulsar Plus type 2

The Wallbox Pulsar Plus 22 kW is one of our most versatile home chargers with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other smart functions. This is a suitable option for cars with different load capacities. The charging capacity is determined by the on-board charger of the

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    Charging cables for every car

    There are different types of charging cables available, namely a type 1 charging cable, a type 2 charging cable and a type 3 charging cable. You can read below how the different charging cables work.

    Type 1 charging cable

    A charging cable type 1 is not the most common type. If you have a type 1 charging cable, you will notice that you will not actually find charging stations that connect to your charging cable along the public road in the Netherlands. To take this inconvenience away from you, Cable Soolutions has a solution for you. We offer special attachments that turn your type 1 charging cable into a type 2 charging cable. That makes your loading options a lot greater, so that you can drive throughout the Netherlands without any problems.

    Type 2 charging cable

    A type 2 charging cable is much more accessible than a type 1 charging cable. That means that when this connection is suitable for your car, you can easily charge. Because this is the most common charging cable connection in the Netherlands, you can easily charge your car along the public road because most charging stations are of this type.


    Cable Soolutions offers various type 2 charging cables of high quality. For example, we have brands such as DUOSIDA, RatIo and Chargepoint that are durable so that you can use them for a long time without problems. If you do experience that your charging cable is not working optimally, you can make an appointment with us. All charging cables purchased from us have a two-year manufacturer's warranty.

    Type 3 charging cable

    When you need a type 3 charging cable, you are one of the few. This connection is only made on French and Italian cars, prior to 2017. At first, different safety regulations applied in France and Italy in the field of electric charging, which led to the creation of the type 3 cable. There is now a type 2 standard everywhere.


    Do you need a type 3 charging cable? At Cable Soolutions you can go for all type 3 charging cables of high quality.

    Charging stations

    Not only in the field of charging cables, Cable Soolutions has everything in house, but also when you have a charging station in mind, you can contact us. Unlike the charging cables, there are 2 types: charging station type 1 and charging station type 2. For charging station type 2, there are 1-phase charging stations and 3-phase charging stations with which you can charge your car at different speeds.


    You can install a charging station at home or at work so that you can always charge. If you want a charging station at work, you can discuss this with your employer.


    Cable Soolutions only offers the best charging stations so that you can use them for a long time and always purchase a reliable charging station.

    Portable chargers for optimal charging convenience

    In addition to charging stations for home and work, Cable Soolutions has a wide range of portable chargers that do not require you to use a charging station. Please note, this only applies to the common type 2 charging station type. With this you can easily charge your car so that your car has to be in a fixed place next to the charging station.

    Parts and components

    Have you previously purchased a charging station or charging cable and are there loose parts that need to be replaced? Products purchased from Cable Soolutions have a two-year manufacturer's warranty, but if you have purchased a charging station or charging cable elsewhere, you can go here for high-quality spare parts. That way you don't have to buy a completely new product.


    In addition, Cable Soolutions offers handy accessories such as a bag to store your charging cable so that it is not damaged in the trunk of your car.

    Order for a company?

    We offer a special company discount if, for example, you want to place a large order for multiple charging stations and charging cables at your business premises. You can view your benefit per brand via our website.

    Which charging station do I need?

    Are you wondering which charging station or charging cable you need for your specific electric car? We have a special search engine where you can enter your car make and model. That way you can easily find the right equipment for your specific car. If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help you.

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