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Pros and Cons
  • Suitable for home use or public places
  • App control and RFID card reader integrated
  • Suitable for automatic settlement
  • The charger has no display
  • The charger is not so small
  • The color may not be everyone's taste

The Advanced Chargestorm Connected 2 EV Charger

CHARGESTORM® CONNECTED 2 is a highly advanced EV charger, offering safety and convenience were paramount in the design phase. It is ideal for home and business use, for public parking lots and apartment buildings. It also meets all required technical safety standards. Our EV charger is available in different models, each with its own power specification and output / charging cable. The EV charger is connected to the internet via an Ethernet cable. If Ethernet is not possible, the unit can also be supplied with an optional 3G / 4G modem. Portal services and app management require a connection to the internet. We support integration with all major players in electronic vehicle charging.



CHARGESTORM® CONNECTED 2 is an improved and updated version of our advanced EV charger with a range of features and built-in safety features. It has a powerful CCU charge controller that can accommodate 2 Type 2 outlets / charging cables. CHARGESTORM® CONNECTED 2 provides support for dynamic load sharing between multiple devices via NanoGridTM.

  • Load capacity adjustable via app or software
  • NanoGridTM dynamic load distribution support
  • Built-in fuse, earth leakage detection for AC and DC, built-in energy meter
  • Easy installation and lock protected for maintenance
  • For mounting against a wall or pole
  • Ambient temperature from -30 ° C to +50 ° C
  • RFID reader
  • OCPP 1.5 / 1.6
  • IP54 and IK10

Taking Charge

Our TAKING CHARGE app makes it easy to control your CHARGESTORM® CONNECTED unit directly from your mobile phone. The app has a simple interface that allows you to fully control the functions and settings of your charge box.

  • History and data for loading
  • Tag management (RFID)
  • Free software updates
  • Set EV charger LED brightness
  • Ability to control two EV chargers with one app
  • Set the required charging power
  • Charge planning
  • Check power consumption for active charging
  • Also available for apartment buildings

  • Dimensions (lxbxh in mm):
  • Cable length (in meters):-
  • Max Charging Speed in km/h:40 km/hour
  • Max Charging Speed in kW:7,4 kW
  • Plug type Car side:Type 2
  • Plug type Charge station side:Type 2
  • Cable Attached or Socket:Cable Attached
  • Display:
  • Phases:1 Or 3
  • Amperage:32
  • Network Technologies Supported:Wifi and Bluetooth
  • Mobile app Support:Yes
  • Remote station management:
  • Scheduled Charging:
  • Colour:Black
  • RFID reader:No
  • Load Balancing:
  • Solar charging:
  • Plug & Charge Enabled:Yes
  • Requires Professional Installation:Yes
  • IP Rating:IP
  • Number of vehicles that can be charged:1
  • RCD type build in:30mA Type A
  • 6mA DC Current Detection:
  • Home Automation Support:No
  • MID certified meter:No
  • kWh meter Build in:No
  • Smart Tesla charge port opening :

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