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Onitl Type 2 - Type 2 Charge Cable 16A 1 Phase

This charging cable is for electric vehicles with a type 2 socket on the vehicle side and also a type 2 socket on the charging socket. For vehicles with a type 1 connection you can search for a type 1 charging cable

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Type 2 Charging Cables

What is a type 2 charging cable?

Most cars of American or European origin are charged with a type 2 charging cable. The vehicles have a type 2 connection on the vehicle side, which is suitable for a type 2 plug. The charging cable itself is no different. Specifically, this means that the connector on the vehicle side is an IEC 62196 connector. Our charging cables always have a type 2 plugs for the side of the charging station or wallbox/home charging station. This also applies to the type 1 charging cable. 95% of the charging points in Europe are equipped with type 2. If you are travelling to a country where you are not sure if a type 2 charging cable is the correct charging cable, please check this before your trip and purchase an adapter if necessary.

The Mennekes type 2 charging cable

A Mennekes charging cable is the same as a type 2 charging cable. The name Mennekes owes the charging cable to the developer of the plug. The popularity of this brand's charging cable in the pioneering era of electric vehicles made the name Mennekes still popular with EV owners who have a type 2 connector on the vehicle side. The Mennekes charging cable later became the standard for charging stations in Europe, as the capacity of Mennekes charging cables is higher than charging cables of type 1. This is also the reason why 3 phase charging cables of type 2 and not of type 1 are available. With a 3 phase charging cable, your EV can charge faster if the integrated charger supports it. Most public charging stations are already equipped with a 3 phase charging support.

Vehicles with type 2

Most European and American cars have a type 2 connection. The following vehicles can be charged with a type 2 charging cable:


  • All Tesla models
  • All Volvo models
  • All BMW models
  • All Mercedes-Benz models
  • All Volkswagen models
  • Most Renault models


Are you not sure if your vehicle needs a Mennekes/type 2 charging cable for charging? Use our practical configurator on the homepage for your vehicle model, so that you immediately see a selection of charging cables that are compatible with your vehicle and recommended by us. In addition, you will receive practical information about the charging cable, for example, whether it charges your vehicle quickly. This way, you do not unnecessarily buy a too expensive or too slow charging cable.

Buy a type 2 charging cable

At Soolutions you will find a complete range of type 2 charging cables. We stock most of the products directly for you. This means the charging cable will be shipped 2-3 days after receipt of payment if you order before 11:45pm. Ideal if you need a charger for the holidays. The charging cables are available in different lengths. The 4 meter charging cable is attractive if you are sure you are never far from a charging station. If you want more flexibility, take a 6 meter long charging cable or an 8 meter long charging cable. The cost of these charging cables is slightly higher, but due to our attractive prices you can still trust that you will buy a reasonable priced charging cable.

Combination is key! 

As an expert in the field of charging electric vehicles, we offer much more solutions aside from a Mennekes charging cable. We are happy to help you with the purchase of a charging station for your electric car. If you would like to buy a type 2 charging station in addition to a charging cable, we can offer you different models. We offer charging stations with fixed charging cables and charging sockets.


Need help buying your charging cable or charging station? Then please contact us. We are happy to help you buy a reliable product to charge your electric car.

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