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Onitl Type 3 - Type 2 Charge Cable 32A 3 Phase

This charging cable is for electric vehicles with a type 2 socket on the vehicle side and also a type 2 socket on the charging socket. For vehicles with a type 1 connection you can search for a type 1 charging cable

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Type 3 Charging Cables

The origin of the type 3 charging cable

The type 3 charging cable comes from France and Italy, where it was developed to ensure optimum safety when using the charging cable. The charging cable has a cover that protects the inputs. The idea is that no objects reaches the electrical contacts.


However, it has been found that the charging cable is therefore less easy to use, as you will need to lift the cover first before you can insert the charging cable.

Typ 3 charging cables in Europe

In the meantime, it was found that there is a better solution for the type 3 charging cable with the slider. A so-called Mennekes plug was developed, which guarantees security at the same level and is easy to use.


As a result, the type 3 charging cable stayed only in France and Italy and was not used in other European countries. The Mennekes charging cable became the standard. However, a Mennekes cable is a type 2 charging cable, so it is not suitable for electric cars from France and Italy with a type 3 connector.

Type 3 solutions from Soolutions

The chances are high that there are no type 3 charging stations along the public highway. That is why we offer you a solution with which you can charge anytime, anywhere. We have various accessories that you can use to convert your type 3 charging cable into a type 2 charging cable or a type 1 charging cable. Both types are available in Europe, with type 2 charging cables and the appropriate charging stations being the most common. Soolutions products enable you to always charge at a charging station.

Type 3 charging station

Since electric vehicles are no longer manufactured with a type 3 connection, type 3 charging stations are no longer sold. You can purchase a type 2 or type 1 charging station with the above accessories to make your electric vehicle type 2 or type 1. So you can charge conveniently at home and already have the right solution for your future electric car.

Accessories for type 3 charging cables

In addition to the adapters, Soolutions offers other accessories such as a cable bag, in which you can easily stow your cable. This way it is easy to find and stays clean. It also helps you because you can use it for a long time, as you avoid damage if you keep the charging cable in a bag.

We also offer a cable drum to protect the charging cable even better. You can store the charging cable in there so that it does not get tangled when it is in the trunk of your car, for example.

Charge the electric vehicle on the go

If you're on the go and wondering where to charge, the Soolutions website makes it easy to find the nearest charging station. This is also useful when you want to determine if you need a charging station for your home or work.

Order from Soolutions

We are pleased to be able to offer you a high-quality solution for any kind of request for e-mobility that you can use for years. For example, we sell separate parts and adapters, so you can repair your charging cable or charging station yourself. This way you don't pay unnecessarily much for a new product.

Soolutions also offers an lowest price guarantee for all products. Did you find the same product cheaper elsewhere? Then you will receive the price difference from us.

Order as a company

If you want to buy several products as a company at the same time, you will receive an attractive volume discount at Soolutions. On our B2B page you will find all information about how much discount you get per brand and per amount.

More questions

If you have any further questions about charging your electric car or placing an order on Soolutions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Feel free to call or email us if you have any questions. We are happy to help you with all your inquiries.

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