Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles

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Pulsar Plus - Type 2 cable

Wallbox Pulsar Plus - Type 2 cable

€819,00 €749,00

BS20 App control - Type 2 cable

Besen BS20 App control - Type 2 cable

€699,00 €599,00

Wallbox Pulsar Max - Type 2 cable

Wallbox Wallbox Pulsar Max - Type 2 cable


io6 - Socket

Ratio io6 - Socket


Zappi - Socket

Myenergi Zappi - Socket


Zappi - Type 2 cable

Myenergi Zappi - Type 2 cable


Go - Socket

Zaptec Go - Socket


Commander 2S - Type 2 cable

Wallbox Commander 2S - Type 2 cable


Start - Socket

Ratio Start - Socket


Start  - Type 2 cable

Ratio Start - Type 2 cable


Smart - Socket

Ratio Smart - Socket


Smart - Type 2 cable

Ratio Smart - Type 2 cable


Solar - Socket

Ratio Solar - Socket


Solar - Type 2 cable

Ratio Solar - Type 2 cable


Chargestorm-Connected 2 - Socket

CTEK Chargestorm-Connected 2 - Socket


Copper SB - Socket

Wallbox Copper SB - Socket


Commander 2 - Type 2 cable

Wallbox Commander 2 - Type 2 cable


Chargestorm-Connected 2 - Type 2 cable

CTEK Chargestorm-Connected 2 - Type 2 cable


Chargestorm-Connected 2 - Two sockets

CTEK Chargestorm-Connected 2 - Two sockets


Chargestorm-Connected 2 - Two Type 2 cables

CTEK Chargestorm-Connected 2 - Two Type 2 cables


Copper SB - Shuttered socket (T2S)

Wallbox Copper SB - Shuttered socket (T2S)


Pulsar Plus - Type 1 cable

Wallbox Pulsar Plus - Type 1 cable


Pro-line - Socket

Alfen Pro-line - Socket


Pro-line - Type 2 cable

Alfen Pro-line - Type 2 cable


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In this category you can find all available chargers for cases where you want to install a fixed charging point to provide charging to one or multiple electric vehicles. We offer many brands like ChargePoint or Ratio which offer different feature sets. This way you can pick the optimal charging solution based on your requirements. Ratio, for example, offers Tesla specific products with a Tesla button to make charging even more comfortable.


Charging stations for your home

Our charging stations can be installed by you or an electrician at your home in order to charge your electric car safely and conveniently. The charging stations in our offer are characterized by their user-friendliness. For example, a ChargePoint Home charging station can be operated with the free and practical app, which allows you to remotely monitor, for example, the status of the battery of your electric car.

Charging stations for companies

Companies can also buy charging stations from Soolutions easily and conveniently. If you need one or two charging stations, it is easiest to purchase the charging stations directly from the Soolutions shop. If you need a higher number of charging stations, we recommend contacting our customer service. We will be happy to advise you on brands and specifications of the charging stations, as well as on delivery and subsequent installation.

In addition, we can also help you choose the right number of charging stations and charging ports for your company. In short, we are happy to help you purchase the right charging stations for your company and your employees! In addition, we offer attractive prices if you want to buy multiple charging stations or buy on a regular basis because you are, for example, a parking garage owner.

The right charging station for your EV

When buying a charging station for an electric vehicle, it is important that you buy a charging station with the correct specifications. This includes the type of the charging cable that is connected to the charging station, but also the correct charging capacity. In the Cable Soolutions shop you will find charging stations from 3.7 kW up to 22 kW. The charging cable can be selected in various lengths for more flexibility. A longer charging cable increases the price of the charging station, but is also practical in certain situations. For example, with two electric cars on a construction site, it makes sense to buy a longer charging cable for the charging station.

A charging station with type 1 or type 2?

Each charging station shows whether it is a type 1 charging station or a type 2 charging station. This refers to the charging cable that is integrated in the charging station. A type 1 charging station has a charging cable with a type 1 connector and a type 2 charging station has a connector with a type 2 connector. On the charging side, the charging cable always has a plug and the EV always has a socket. Depending on the charging cable your EV is compatible with, you may need to purchase a type 1 or type 2 charging station.

Ampere and phases for your home installation

In addition to the type of charging station, you can also choose from:

  • Charging stations with 16 Ampere or 32 Ampere: With a current of 32 ampere, the battery of your electric vehicle will fill up faster, but not every on-board charger supports 32 ampere.
  • Charging stations with 1 or 3 phases: If you have an electric car with a type 2 charger, it can be attractive to charge with a 3 phase charging cable at your charging station. A 3 phase charging station uses 3 instead of one phase, which means that less charging time is required to fully charge the EV. This often requires an adjustment of the meter cabinet and possibly additional agreements with your grid operator. In addition, not every electric vehicle supports 3 phase charging. Therefore, the purchase is not always recommended. In many cases, a single phase charging station can also be sufficient. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Wall or pole mount

Most charging stations are available as pole mounted charging stations or as charging stations for wall installation. A pole mounted charging station is particularly useful for parking spaces that are separate. Charging stations for a wall are useful if you want to use the charging station at home or in underground garages. Mounting the charging point on a pole is more expensive than on the wall, but sometimes more practical. Would you like tips on how to buy a wall or pole bracket for the charging station of your electric car? Then contact us, please. We are happy to help you buy the right charging cable and charging station!

Charging station pricing

At our website you will find high quality charging stations from well-known brands such as ChargePoint and Alfen. The price in most cases depends on which model you choose. There are price differences between charging stations with or without charging cables. Most charging stations are available for both wall and pole mounting. If you would like to know which model best suits your requirements, please contact one of our specialists.

Smart Charging

Some charging stations on this page support the "Smart Charging" function. This offers two important advantages:

  1. Peak Shaving: With this function, the Smart Charger prevents peak power from being exceeded. This way, you can save a lot of money every year.
  2. Load Balancing: If you charge several EVs at the same time, the power is distributed to the EVs. The sharing is done proportionately.

In addition, some charging stations can be managed by smartphone. This way you get an insight into the state of the battery, and you can control the charging process remotely. This way you prevent the charging station to not consume electricity unnecessarily.

Installation of a charging station

In the Netherlands, you can have Soolutions install your charging station. With a national network of installers, we are happy to support you with a safe installation of your charging station. Would you like Soolutions to do the installation? Let us know during or after ordering the charging station.

Contact Soolutions

Do you have any questions about charging stations? Simply contact us. We are happy to help you buy the right charging station for your electric vehicle at home or for your company and your employees!

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