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Wallbox Pulsar Plus - Type 2 cable

The Wallbox Pulsar Plus 22 kW is one of our most versatile home chargers with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other smart functions. This is a suitable option for cars with different load capacities. The charging capacity is determined by the on-board charger of the

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Up to 3 phases - 32A

Electric cars suitable for 3-phase charging

Not only must your meter cupboard be ready to take advantage of fast charging with a 3-phase charging station, your car must also be suitable for this. An EV must have a 3-phase AC onboard charger to be able to charge quickly. Examples of cars equipped with such a charger are: Tesla Model S Tesla Model 3 Tesla Model X. In addition, there are of course other cars with a 3-phase connection.


Why a 3-phase charging station instead of a 1-phase charging station?

A simple answer: a 3-phase charging station makes it possible to charge faster than a 1-phase charging station. Your car and the network must be able to charge 3-phase, otherwise the speed will still be lower when charging the car. What you can possibly do when you have a 1-phase charger, but want to charge faster, is the purchase of a Juice Booster. This allows you to charge the electric car faster. However, a juice booster is not as powerful as a 3-phase type 2 charging station.


1-phase connection but still buy a 3-phase charging station?

Even if you do not yet have a car that can charge 3-phase, it may still be a good idea to purchase a type 2 charging station with a 3-phase possibility because more and more EVs are equipped with such an onboard charger. This means that there is a good chance that you can charge 3-phase with a possible next car. The 3-phase charging station can then only stand in your driveway or in front of the office.


Safe charging points

Since our charging stations are of high quality, they are also very safe. They have built-in protection, which means that there is a brake on the power supply. As a result, the power supply is never too high, but you can charge quickly.


Accessories for electric charging

At Cable Soolutions we do everything to make your charging experience as optimal as possible. That is why we have various accessories that make it easier for you to load or that complement your products. For example, you can think of a cable bag in which your cable remains undamaged and as a result of which you will not lose it quickly.


Advice and installation of Cable Soolutions

Do you want to know more about the possibilities of purchasing a 3-phase type 2 charging station? Or do you want to buy a charging station and have it installed, but want to know more about this? Contact Cable Soolutions without obligation.

We can install the charging station for you, giving a detailed explanation about the operation of your type 2 3-phase charging station. That way you can maintain and use the charging station yourself in a safe way.

Even if you want to install the charging station yourself and only want advice on this, you can still contact us. We will then give you free advice about the installation of your charging station and its use.


The highest quality guaranteed

Since we only sell charging cables and charging poles of the highest quality, you can be assured that our products will last for years. When something unexpected is wrong with one of o

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