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Product information Turn your JUICE BOOSTER 2 into a wallbox by inserting it into the bracket. You can easily remove it for traveling. ...More information
  • Turn your portable charger into a home charging point
  • Handy for daily use
  • Only works in combination with the JUICE BOOSTER 2
  • With theft protection
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This product is not on stock Delivered within 3-5 working days
This product is not on stock Delivered within 3-5 working days

This practical wall bracket allows you to mount your JUICE BOOSTER 2 to any wall in your garage or house. It is made from 5mm powder coated aluminium and weights only 0.5kg. Once mounted to the bracket, you can use the JUICE BOOSTER 2 just like a wallbox which makes it a fully-fledged, safe and a very low-cost charging station.

Full flexibility because you can hang your JUICE BOOSTER 2 and just as easily remove it for traveling and take it with you with only one hand.

Save costs thanks to the integrated AC and DC FIs (fault interrupters) of the JUICE BOOSTER 2 you dont need a separate FI in the supply line anymore. This can save you between 300 and 600 Euros compared to a wall charger.

Easy to assemble as you only have to apply twice with the drill and use the holder directly as a template. Dowels and screws are included. Finished.

Theft protection [Optional] is available for this product. While in private garages the variant without a locking handle is preferred, drivers of electric vehicles are more likely to choose the version with a handle and key lock (u-clamp) in public parking garages. It protects your device from being stolen.

Please note: This wall bracket is for the JUICE BOOSTER 2. It cannot be used for other portable chargers.

  • Dimension:
  • Colour:Black
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