Product labels and icons

In our webshop you will see various labels and symbols with our products. Sometimes we use this to indicate that a product is new in our range, but also when a product has been given a so-called second life or whether a product is on sale.

In addition to these symbols, we have also divided some of our products into segments: Basic, Plus and Premium. These labels say something about how advanced a product is, how many options are available for a product or to which quality segment a product belongs. On this page you will find information about these labels per product category.

Product icons explained

New products

Up to 2 months in our shop. Did we add a product to our range longer ago? Then this icon disappears from the photo.

Products on sale

This product is on sale! This means that the price shown is reduced compared to the regular price. The discount percentage varies per product.

Second Life category A

Products with this icon are new and not used but can have a damaged box or the seal of the box is broken and can have very minor damage like a small scratch. These products have a full 2 year warranty.

Second Life category B

Products with this icon are used and can have minor to moderate signs of use; original packaging could be not present and some parts and accessories may be missing. These products are still perfectly up to the job and come with a full 1 year warranty.

Products labels explained per category

Just charge
Basic chargers alwasy have adjustable current settings and can have connectivity features too but do not have load balancing support.
Charge with load balancing and access management
Plus features all have loadbalancing support and access management. Plus chargers include but are not limited to the following features:
  • Static load balancing
  • Dynamic load balancing
  • Mobile app support
  • kWh meter built in
Charge with load balancing, access management and back office communication
Premium chargers all have loadbalancing support, access management and Backoffice communication. Premium chargers include but are not limited to the following features:
  • Static load balancing
  • Dynamic load balancing
  • Mobile app support
  • kWh meter built in
  • RFID reader
  • Automatic settlement support
  • Charge third-party charging
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