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Range of the BMW i3

The BMW i3 is relatively light (1,195 kilograms), of which 240 kilograms already account for the batteries. Incidentally, the center of gravity of the vehicle is on the underside of the vehicle, thereby improving road holding. Among other things, because of these characteristics, the first generation of the BMW i3 already has an acceptable range of action. The normal range is about 130 kilometers. This can be extended to the Eco-Pro stand by adjusting the BMW i3. Then the radius of action is about 200 kilometers. However, you make many concessions in terms of ride comfort, because the air conditioning can then no longer be used. Please also make sure that the range can be significantly reduced in adverse weather and heavy traffic on the roads.

Buy charging cable for the BMW i3
The charging cable shop offers a complete range of BMW i3 charging cables. The BMW i3 can be charged with a charging cable with a type 2 plug on the side of the car. The BMW i3 cables are put together for you on this page. Here you will find all charging cables that are compatible with the BMW i3. The offer of the charging cable shop also includes the DOSTAR charging cable and the Ratio charging cable. From the DOSTAR brand, you will only find charging cables that are suitable for charging at a charging station. From Ratio we also offer charging cables that are suitable for charging with a standard plug. These charging cables are also called home loaders. Do you have questions about one of the charging cables? Please contact us without obligation. We're here to help!

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