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When manufacturer Fiat revised their smallest model in 2015, they got no further than a facelift. When the Fiat 500 was 13 years old in 2020, the manufacturer finally came up with a Fiat 500 that was upgraded to a new generation. The brand new, fully electric Fiat 500e will soon be available in the Netherlands, unlike its predecessor, the mild-hybrid variant. The Fiat 500 la Prima is equipped with a Cinerama infotainment system that can be operated on a clear 10 inch display. In addition, the fully electric Italian car is equipped with other technical assists, including adaptive cruise control and 11 sensors on all sides of the car that are not only good for assistance during parking, but also for assistance on the road such as while using lane-assist. The Fiat can also warn and, if necessary, automatically brake to prevent a collision with a vehicle, bicycle or pedestrian in front of the car.

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Specifications of the Fiat 500e

The fully electric version of the newest generation 500 is an upgrade on it's predecessor in every single way. The Fiat 500e is equipped with an electric motor with a maximum capacity of 119 hp. This accelerates the Italian car from 0 to 100 km / h within 9 seconds. The top speed with this car is 150 km / h. But you do not purchase a Fiat 500e for acceleration or power. What is even more interesting with this car is the battery pack. The battery of the 500, which is incorporated in the floor of the car, has a capacity of 42 kWh with which an action radius of 320 kilometers can be achieved under normal weather conditions.

Fiat 500e charging cables

The 500e has a Yazaki connection and with that the charging cable needed for charging this car is a Type 1 cable. The charging time depends on the capacity of the charging station, the amount of current that the charging cable can carry (16A or 32A) and the limit with which the car can charge. With the Fiat 500e, that limit is 11 kW. It is best to use a 1-phase 32A Type 1 for charging the Fiat 500e. To ensure that the charging speed is not limited by the cable, it is wise to use a 32A charging cable. View the range of Cable Soolutions Shop directly for the options.

Fiat 500e charging stations

Because the Fiat 500e has a load capacity of 11 kW and a Type 1 charging cable up to a maximum of 1-phase 32A, it is best to choose a charging station that can deliver that capacity. A 1-phase 32A charging station supplies that power.


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