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The Peugeot Tepee is a vehicle based on the delivery van of the French car brand. This model is suitable for 5 passengers and has a fully electric drive. There is a 22.5 kWh battery that promises a radius of 170 kilometers. The electric motor delivers 67 hp with a torque of 200 Nm. To increase comfort, an air conditioning app has been developed that allows you to set the desired temperature before boarding. This model is no longer manufactured.


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Technical data of the Peugeot Tepee

This fully electric car has a theoretical range of 170 kilometers. In practice, this depends on the driving style and external conditions. The top speed is 110 km / h and the vehicle can accelerate from 0 to 100 in 19.5 seconds. The total power is 47 kW with a torque of 200 Nm with front-wheel drive.

Charging cable for the Peugeot Tepee

The battery capacity is 22.5 kW. Unlike most electric cars from Europe, the Peugeot Tepee has a type 1 charging connector and not the more common Mennekes type 2 connector. Due to the maximum charging speed of 3.7 kW with alternating current, charging the battery takes 6 hours and 45 minutes. Order the optimal Peugeot Tepee charging cable in the Cable Soolutions webshop.

Charging stations for the Peugeot Tepee

To increase the charging speed, a CHAdeMO fast charging connection is available, which you can use at a suitable CHAdeMO charging station. Fast charging takes place at a speed of 40 kW with direct current, which can charge up to 80% of the battery capacity in 30 minutes. CHAdeMO fast charging stations always have a permanently installed charging cable. Since non-fast charging stations (AC) are equipped with a type 2 connector in the European Union, you will need an adapter cable for type 1.

Order charging cables directly from the Cable Soolutions Shop

Good charging starts with a suitable Peugeot Tepee charging cable. In our webshop you will find reliable brands such as DUOSIDA and Ratio. If you can't find the right cable, please contact us and we'll be happy to help.

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