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This vehicle has a so-called type 2 combo connection on the vehicle side. This means that the vehicle is equipped with a type 2, a DC fast charging cable and a special DC combo plug. If you want to use the Type 2 connection (for use with most public charging points), we recommend purchasing a 1 phase cable as the vehicle has a 1 phase AC charger on board.

Charging cable for the VW E-up

The Volkswagen E-up can be charged with a 32 Ampere charging cable. This can greatly reduce the charging time of the Volkswagen E-up. At The Charging Cable Shop you will find a wide range of charging cables for the Volkswagen E-up. You will find cheap charging cables from Ratio and Dostar. In addition, charging cables of different lengths are available. That way you can buy the correct charging cables for your Volkswagen E-up. Do you have specific questions about the charging cables for your Volkswagen E-up? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help you with the purchase of the correct charging cable or cables.

Charging cables and accessories

You can not only come to us for charging cables that can be used at charging stations, we can also help you with charging cables that can be connected to a normal socket. It may take more time to charge the Volkswagen E-up, but you can charge the car anywhere! You will also find accessories for charging cables with us. Think, for example, of a bag for the charging cables. Here you can store the home charger, for example, when you are out and about.

More information about the charging cables for your Volkswagen E-up

The most chosen charging cable for the Volkswagen E-up is the Dostar charging cable of six meters. Of course it may be that you need a longer charging cable or a shorter one. You can easily choose this in the webshop. Then you can pay easily and the charging cable will be delivered to your home quickly. Do you have specific questions about a charging cable or the charging features of the Volkswagen E-up? Please contact us without obligation. We are happy to assist you. You can also contact us for other Volkswagen charging cables!

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