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Product information This Alfen station with a max. of 32A and 3 phases represents a future-proof charging solution for all electric vehicles with a type 2 port. ...More information
  • For cars with a Type 2 connection
  • Up to 3 phases - 32 amps
  • With a fixed type 2 cable
  • With adjustable maximum load capacity
  • Equipped with access control system
  • Optional with Load Balancing
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Requirements for the installation

This charging point is available up to a maximum of 32A and 3 phases with a maximum output of 22kW. For this you need a 400 V connection with 3 phases and a minimum of 3x35A. If you have less than 35A available, you can also set the charging station to a lower charge level which lowers the maximum output or you can purchase a charging point with a lower amperage. For 1-phase grid installations you only use up to 1-phase 32A. If you want to make use of all 3 phases we recommend to upgrade your grid connection to 3-phase. This will cause higher installation cost and in most cases 1-phase charging is sufficient (1-phase 32A charging= 20km of added energy per hour)

Electric vehicle support

This charging station can charge all electric vehicles with a type 2 inlet. This includes full electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids like the BMW i3, Mercedes-Benz A-Class E-Cell, Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid, Renault Zoe, Smart Fortwo Electric Drive, Tesla Model S, Volkswagen E-Golf, Volvo V60 plug-in hybrid, Tesla Model 3, Hyundai Kona, Mini Countryman, BMW 530e, Kia Niro PHEV. Charging an electric vehicle with a type 1 inlet like the Mitshubishi Outlander, Nissan Leaf, Peugot Partner, Citroen C-Zero, Toyota Prius and Toyota RAV4 requires a type 2 to type 1 adapter.

Supported charging speed

  • An electric car can average 5.5 km drive on 1 kWh of stored energy in the battery.
  • The maximum current for this charging station is 32A with a maximum of 3 phases (400V). If this charging point is connected to the maximum capacity of 3 phase 32A, it can supply about 22 kW continuous power.
  • So, if the car is charging with the maximum 22kW, it means that it can charge 22 kWh (kilowatt hour) in one hours, which roughly corresponds to a range of 122 km (5.5 km x 22kWh).
  • This means the maximum charging speed of this charging point is 122 km / hour (Least connected to a charging point of at least 3 phase 32A).

Please note that the actual loading speed also depends on the charging speed of the car's AC built-in charger. Click here  TO See which AC charger your car has.

Smart Charging

Smart Charging is an extra option you can chose for your charging station which is available for most of the charging stations Cable Soolutions offers. Smart Charging enables you to charge your EV smart and efficiently while minimizing the one-off and annual costs for your connection to the electricity grid. Smart Charging offers 2 options:

  • Load Balancing: ensures the charging vehicle never exceeds the peak power of your grid connection. This prevents extra costs from your utility company. The charger uses an additional communication connection to an existing meter or with additional sensors which must be placed. This can differ per manufacturer.
  • Panel Sharing: allows you to connect multiple charging stations to one electrical connection and ensures that the available power of the entire electrical connection is cleverly distributed even if multiple vehicles are charging. If one of the vehicles is fully charged, the remaining charging capacity goes to the other vehicles which are still charging or connect to the charger.

Smart Charging ensures that your charging station always makes smart use of the available charging capacity. By charging your electric car efficiently with a Smart Charging enabled station you can save up to hundreds of euros per year.

Get reimbursed with ICU Connect

For a small addition fee, you will get access to Alfen's own EV charging cloud service called "ICU Connect". ICU allows you to connect from anywhere in the world and keep track of the real-time status of all managed charging stations supporting this feature, including:

  • Energy usage per session for home energy usage reimbursement purposes
  • Overview of all you charging data
  • Manage user authorization
  • Remote configuration of charging stations
  • Data exports for reporting purposes

With these features and the build-in kWh meter you can, for example, collect all required charging data and provide a home energy usage report of energy used to charge your company car.


Safety notice

Please use extreme caution when installing the charging station. It is recommended to install the charging station only with previous knowledge or by a trained professional.

Contact us

Cable Soolutions is happy to advise you on your energy management and all other questions. Please contact us if you want to know more about how you can benefit from smart EV chargers.

  • Dimensions (lxbxh in mm):
  • Requires Professional Installation:Yes
  • Cable length (in meters):5 or 8 meters
  • IP Rating:IP55
  • Max Charging Speed in km/h:60 km/hour
  • Max Charging Speed in kW:22 kW
  • Plug type Car side:Type 2 port
  • Plug type Charge station side:Type 2 cable
  • Cable Attached or Socket:Cable attached
  • kWh meter Build in:Yes, MID Certified
  • MID certified meter:Optional at extra cost
  • Display:Yes, 3.5 "TFT color display, 320 x 240 pixels
  • RCD type build in:No
  • 6mA DC Current Detection:Yes
  • Network Technologies Supported:GPRS UTP/LAN (Pro-line only), Autodetect (Pro-line only)
  • Mobile app Support:No
  • Remote station management:ICU Connect
  • Home Automation Support:No
  • Number of vehicles that can be charged:1
  • Phases:3
  • Amperage:32A
  • Colour:Black/Grey
  • RFID reader:Yes, RFID (NFC) ISO/IEC 14443A/B, MiFare Classic 13,56 MHz, DESFire Maximale lengte: 7 bytes
  • Load Balancing:Yes, Optional for both load balancing and panel sharing
  • Scheduled Charging:
  • Plug & Charge Enabled:No
  • Smart Tesla charge port opening :No
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