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Product information Be prepared for the future with this top of the line 3 phase 16A charging point is at home in all markets. Including network connection, display, energy management, user authentication and many other options ...More information
  • Built-in with standard kWh meter
  • Equipped with Smart Charging
  • Charging speed of 22 kW
  • 3 phases - 16 amps
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What requirements do I need for installation?

To make this charging station work with 16A and 3 phases, you need a 3 phase 400V connection of at least 3x25A. If you have less than 25A you can also set the charging point to a lower maximum charging current.

With which vehicles can these stations be used?

This charger is suitable for electric vehicles and is equipped with a type 2 socket. Because there is no fixed cable, you must bring your own cable. This cable must then in any case have a Type 2 plug on the charging point side and in most cases a Type 2 plug on the vehicle side. These are, for example, electric vehicles or plug-in hybrids, such as the BMW i3, Mercedes-Benz A-Class E-Cell, Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid, Renault Zoe, Smart Fortwo Electric Drive, Tesla Model S, Volkswagen E-Golf, Volvo V60 plug-in hybrid, Tesla Model 3, Hyundai Kona, Mini Countryman, BMW 530e, Kia Niro PHEV. In some cases, a Type 1 plug is required on the car side for Mitshubishi Outlander, Nissan Leaf, Peugot Partner, Citroen C-zero, Toyota Prius and Toyota RAV4

Which charging speeds does this station support?

Your actual loading speed of your car depends on the charger of your vehicle. Below you will find an overview of the different charging speeds that this cable supports. Click here for more information:

  • 16A with 1 phase = max. 3.7 kW
  • 16A with 3 phases = max. 11kW

Smart Charging

Smart charging is an extra option for your charging station which is available at most charging points that we offer via Cable Soolutions. With Smart Charging you can charge your car smartly and minimize the one-off and annual costs for electricity connection. There are two options within Smart Charging.

  • Load Balancing: ensures that the car charger never exceeds the peak power of your connection. This prevents extra costs from your network operator. The charging points hereby have an additional communication connection with the existing meter or with additional sensors to be placed. This differs per manufacturer.
  • Panel Sharing: if you connect multiple charging points to an electrical connection, Panel Sharing ensures that the available power of the entire connection is cleverly distributed if multiple vehicles are loading. If one of the vehicles is fully loaded, the remaining load capacity then goes to the vehicles that still have to be loaded.

Smart Charging ensures that your charging station always makes smart use of the available load capacity. By smartly charging your electric car with a Smart Charging Station you can save up to hundreds of euros per year.

Safety notice

Use extreme caution when installing the charging station. It is recommended that the construction is carried out only with prior knowledge or by a trained professional.

Do you have questions about Smart Charging?

Cable Soolutions is happy to advise you on your energy management issue. Please contact us if you want an explanation about what a smart EV charger can mean for you

  • Requires Professional Installation:Yes
  • Length (in meters):5 or 8 meter
  • Cable Diameter:13,5mm
  • IP Rating:IP55
  • Max Charging Speed in km/h:60 km/hour
  • Max Charging Speed in kW:11 kW
  • Plug type Car side:No cable attached, bring your own cable
  • Plug type Charge station side:Type 2
  • Cable Attached or Socket:Socket
  • kWh meter Build in:Yes, MID Certified
  • MID certified meter:Optional at extra cost
  • LeaseCo Enabled:Yes
  • RCD type build in:No
  • 6mA DC Current Detection:Yes
  • Network Connection Possible:Yes, GPRS UTP / LAN (Pro-line only), Autodetect (Pro-line only)
  • Network Technologies Supported:Yes, GPRS UTP / LAN (Pro-line only), Autodetect (Pro-line only)
  • Supported LeaseCo's:unknown
  • Mobile app Support:No
  • Display:Yes, 3.5 "TFT color display, 320 x 240 pixels
  • Number of Ports:1
  • Phases:3
  • Colour:Black/Grey
  • Supported Networks:Not Applicable
  • Amperage:16A
  • Cable Type:Gerade
  • Home Automation Support:No
  • Home Automation Platforms:Not applicable
  • RFID reader:Yes, RFID (NFC) ISO/IEC 14443A/B, MiFare Classic 13,56 MHz, DESFire Maximale lengte: 7 bytes
  • Smart Charging:Yes, Optional for both Load Balancing and panel sharing
  • Scheduled Charging:
  • Plug & Charge Enabled:Yes,
  • Smart Tesla charge port opening :No
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