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Product information The portable type 2 to CEE red charger can be used for vehicles that have a type 2 port on the vehicle side. The built-in Mode 3 converter allows charging from CEE red outlets. ...More information
  • For cars with a Type 2 connection
  • With red cee plug on the wall side
  • 3 phases - 32 ampere
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Safety and certification
All charging cables have the CE mark and have also been subjected to all the necessary tests by TÜV so that we can guarantee that our charging cables are safe for you and your vehicle. Furthermore, our products are also tested individually before they leave the factory.


Which outlets are the portable chargers suitable for?
The chargers have a CEE red plug with 400V and 32A with 3 phases. You can only use this product for compatible CEE red outlets. Portable chargers allow you to be independent of charging stations and are ideal for travelling in case you do not have direct access to charging infrastructure for electric vehicles.


Which additional features does the portable charger offer?
  • It has an over-current protection function
  • It has an automatic restart function if the charging process has been interrupted


For which vehicles are these charging cables?
Portable chargers CEE red to type 2 are suitable for electric vehicles with charging ports according to IEC 62196 mode 3 type 2. These are electric vehicles or plug-in hybrids such as the BMW i3, Mercedes-Benz A-Class E-Cell, Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid, Smart Fortwo Electric Drive, Tesla Model S, Volkswagen E-Golf, oder der Volvo V60 Plug-in Hybrid.


What charging speeds are available?
An overview of possible charging cable properties and their charging power:

  • 16A with 1 phase = max. 3,7kW
  • 20A with 1 phase = max. 4,6kW
  • 32A with 1 phase = max. 7,4kW
  • 16A with 3 phases = max. 11kW
  • 32A with 3 phases = max. 22kW

  • Bag included:Yes
  • Plug type Car side:Type 2
  • Type of wall side socket:CEE RED 16A or 32A
  • Number of phases:3
  • Amperage:32A
  • Cable Diameter:19,5mm
  • Length (in meters):5 meter
  • Colour:Black
  • Plug Pin temperature sensors:no
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