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Already 18 thousand electric cars were sold in the first half of 2019 in The Netherlands. This means 7.6 percent of all new cars were electric. This is still a small percentage of what is needed to meet climate goals and with 245 million home in Europe we still have a massive task ahead of us. Adoption of EV’s is partly inhibited by charging anxiety. There is too little information for buyers of new cars and there is little to no personal advice on how to acquire access to your personalised EV charging needs. In other words, the missing link in the electric driving chain is the provision of information, advise and execution for both B2B and B2C. Soolutions offers auto- mated, personalised and independent support for an optimised turnkey charging solutions. 



Soolutions has been offering this support for several years via its web shop for EV charging products. We expect to have about 1.500 individual customers this year with a 76% YoY growth.


With a proven sales track record, well organised supply chain, fulfilment and support services, we will roll out a new service with a total package of charging solutions. Including home charging stations, installation and solutions for out-of- home charging situations. The turnkey solutions are provided via an independent network of installers and suppliers bundled with a simple online configurator for consumers. Which we just announced our beta program for. We help EV driver to get informed, find the right products and provide turnkey execution for home, public and workplace charging. The new Charge Configurator will be released in the Netherlands by the beginning of 2019.

Key investment considerations


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Fund Raising

Soolutions is now scaling up with the development of the new platform. The development and roll out of the new platform require funding. Soolutions is looking for € 0,4 million in equity to enable the growth, to be closed in Q2 2020.


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